Each year the Pug Dog Club of America membership recognizes a member who has been particularly outstanding in their service to the breed.

Exactly who are these people?

These members are the ones who are always there to offer a helping hand and have a good word to say.

They are the ones who work with dedication in their local and national clubs.

They are the ones who are first in line with an offer to help when something needs to be done.

They are the ones serving on committees.

They are the ones tirelessly working in the unending job of pug rescue.

They are the ones helping to educate and make the new person feel welcome.

They are the ones who spend hours on the phone and/or computer educating people about Pugs.

They are the ones you find discussing and comparing the particulars of the breed standard
at ringside or in a breeders' seminar.

They are the ones working to improve and produce beautiful healthy Pugs.

They are the ones who are up in the middle of the night helping to whelp a litter of puppies.

They are the ones tucking a nervous dam into a warm bed when she is visiting a strange house.

They are the ones you will see with a special pug curled up in their arms.

Who are they?
They are the members dedicated to supporting and promoting the Pug breed.


Do you know a member like this? Is there any PDCA member or members who you feel have helped our club, the world of Pugs in general, or who has helped you in particular that you would like to nominate to be the possible recipient of the PDCA Good Sportsmanship Award?

If so, please write a letter of recommendation, with a short resume, about that person(s) and return it to Mary Ann Hall, Chairman of the Good Sportsmanship Awards committee, by July 1, telling the PDCA Good Sportsmanship Award Committee why you think that person should receive the award. All nominated members will be voted on by the GSA committee. This committee is made up of all past recipients of this award. The committee will vote during the month of July but the winner is kept secret until the award is presented at the National Specialty each year. The winner of the GSA award will be announced at the Awards Banquet held on Saturday night after the National Specialty.

Printable PDCA Good Sportsmanship Award Ballot

Your nominee need not be someone currently active in Pugs, but they must be a current member of PDCA. See this year's Roster for the current membership list.

Nominations may also be submitted by email to Mary Ann Hall at n2pugs7@me.com

Please take a little time to think about the people you know who are always there doing a little extra to help. This award is our way of telling them that we notice and appreciate the effort. Please nominate someone you think deserves this award.

Mary Ann Hall
P O Box 925
Crestwood, KY 40014

The following is a list, in alphabetical order
of all past recipients of the PDCA Good Sportsmanship Award

Past recipients of the GSA are not eligible to receive it again.
Bob Anderson
Jean Anderson
Brenda Belmonte
Maribeth Brakville
Chris Dresser
Donald Foral
Mary Ann Hall
Chris Hedrick
Patt Kolesar
Ray Kolesar
Donna Manha
Nancy McCorkle
Janet McLaughlin
Jerry Ortel
Mary Ortel
Charlotte Patterson
Edward Patterson
Joan Perry
Ronnie Plott
Nancy Riser
Donnelle Richards
Blanche Roberts
Pat Scully
Kay Sisson
Betty Weston
Ann White