Bite -A Pug's bite should be slightly undershot

Clarification: An overbite distorts the expression and sometimes gives a lippy, weak look. Too much underbite gives the face an uptilt. A lolling or peeking tongue is evidence of malocclusion (wry mouth) and should be penalized. Ideally, evenly spaced incisors insure proper breadth of chin and muzzle; a careful look at the teeth is not important unless the expression is in question.

The Judges Education Committee of the Pug Dog Club of America recommends the following procedure for examining the bite of a Pug:

Use your thumb to feel the bite. Do not pry the mouth open. Simply run your thumb over the front of the mouth and feel the very slight undershot bite. Please be careful to use the flat of your thumb and not block the nasal passages or gouge the gums with your nail.

Junior Showmanship judges should simply ask the Junior to hold the head to the judge can run his/her thumb over the mouth to check bite.

Very undesirable:Teeth showing; wry mouth; lolling or peeking tongue.

IS1.gif peeking_tongue.gif
Proper expression for correct bite
Peeking tongue