AKC STANDARD: The ears thin, small, soft, like black velvet. There are two kinds - the "rose" and the "button". Preference is given to the latter.

Clarification: The ears should be set wide on the head. The fold of the button ear is level with the top of the skull. When alert, the ear should not drop below the corner of the eye. The rose ear in the Pug appears smaller and is folded with the front edge against theside of the head.(The inner burr should not show as it does in the Bulldog). Flying button ears are not rose ears. The rose ear is small and neat, and tends to give  the head a smaller, more rounded look. The size and shape of the ear should be in balance with the overall size and shape of the head. Both  ears should be of the same type. Ears must be black .

Undesirable: Flying button ears; light colored ears; ears set too high or too low; ears too thick or too large.

Rose ears
Button ears

Ears too large, set too low
Ears set too high
Incorrect flying button ears