The eyes are dark in color, very large, bold and prominent, globular in shape, soft and solicitous in expression, very lustrous, and, when excited, full of fire.

Clarification:A Pug's expression is largely dependent on it's big, dark, appealing eyes. Eyes should be large, bold, and globular, but not bulging. At rest, the expression should be benign,intelligent and affectionate; when alert, the expression should be keen, curious, and very sparkling, showing a love of mischief. While the standard makes no mention of eye position, it is accepted that the eyes should be set well apart. The center of the eyes should be in line with the top of the nose. Rims are black and usually encompassed by the black mask in the fawn Pug. East-west eyes aresometimes found, especially in young puppies. Expression (size, shape, and color of eyes) is the primary consideration.

Undesirable: White around the eyes; almond shaped, squinted, or bulging eyes; east-west, close-set, or high-set eyes.
Very undesirable: Light colored or small eyes.

Large, dark, soft and set well apart and in line globular eyes with top of nose

Small, almond shaped, close-set and high-set eyes, bulging east-west eyes