AKC Standard:

Forequarters-the legs are very strong straight of moderate length and are set well under. The elbows should be directly under the withers when viewed from the side. The shoulders are moderately laid back.

Clarification: " very strong " means substantial bone and hard muscle. Viewed from the front, legs must come straight down from elbow. Some pugs have a muscle buildup on the outside of the forelegs which is permissible only if the inside lining of the leg is straight. The pug should never give the impression of a bowed front. Veiwed from the side, elbows should lie close to the ribs. The back of the elbow should be directly under the point of the withers, thus setting the legs " well under ". The chest should be rounded out past the point of shoulder.

Undesirable:Steep shoulders; short upper arms; fiddle front; bone too fine or overdone; legs too short or too long; lack of forechest.