HEAD-The head is large, massive, round- not apple-headed, with no indentation of the skull

The head should be broad and round when viewed from the front and flat when viewed from the side, neither upfaced (too much chin) nor down faced (not enough chin). A large head is essential but a head so large as to be out of balance with the rest of the dog is as unappealing as a small head.The Pug's head must be in proportion to the whole dog.

Undesirable:Domed skull; lack of balance; upfaced; protruding nose.

The nose is set approximately level
with the jaws.Firm lipline,thick
cushion under eyes and deep underjaw.
this muzzle would have the correct
bite. Wrinkles do not disguise the round
broad skull and full cheeks.
Eyes are set above the nose pad.
Muzzle falls away under the eyes. Muzzle
is lippy and may cover a narrow
or shallow underjaw. This head type often
conceals a length of nose and a
scissors bite. Wrinkles disguise a narrow skull
and a lack of flesh in the
cheeks.This dog aso lacks black pigment.
Ears are large with thick leathers and
hang well below the eyes.