Markings The markings are clearly defined. The muzzle or mask, ears, moles on cheeks, thumb mark or diamond on forehead, and the back trace should be as black as possible. The mask should be black. The more intense and well defined it is, the better. The trace is a black line extending from the occiput to the tail.

Clarification: This portion of the Standard refers only to fawn Pug. The mask should be as black as possible. There must be a distinct separation between the black markings and the fawn, not a graduale smutty shading from one to other. Ears should be densely black to the base. The moles on the cheeks should be noticeably black. The diamond or thumb mark, which is called for in the Standard, is not always seen. Ideally, the fawn head wrinkles appear to be 'outlined' in black, which sets off the thumb mark. The trace is a narrow dark line that extends along the spine from the occiput to the tail. This characteristic has largely disappeared. Today, a trace may best be defined as a definite darkening of coat color along the spine. The trace should never be confused with saddling or smut.

Undesirable: Fawn: lack of distinct demarcation (bleeding) between black and fawn areas; pale or washed-out pigment in the black points.

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