Size,Proportion,Substance-The Pug should be multum in parvo,and this condensation (if the word may be used) is shown by compactness of form, well knit proportions, and hardness of muscle. Weight from 14 to 18 pounds (dog or bitch) desirable. Proportions square.

Clarification:The Latin phrase multum in parvo, translates as 'a lot in a little' . Pugs that are either fat or weedy are undesirable. Muscle must be sufficiently developed to permit sound movement
The Standard describes size in only terms of weight. The Pug's weight has to be in proportion to it's height and bone. However, weight varies considerably according to body structure and density so that two Pugs of exactly the same measurements can vary as much by as much as three pounds. The Pug should be evaluated by it's bone, muscle and cobbiness in relation to it's size and estimated weight. Keep in mind that the Pug is a toy breed.

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Perfection: Correct Balance and Compactness Of Form

Undesirable:Excessively large or diminutive. Lacking in muscle tone