Temperament - This is an even-tempered breed, exhibiting stability, playfulness, great charm, dignity, and an outgoing, loving deposition. Clarification: Pugs are outgoing, boisterous on occasion, gaily mischievous, stubborn, willful, and self-confident. The Pug is a cheerful, amiable little soul who exhibits high spirits and loves to play, but is not nervous or high strung. Pugs can be good alarm dogs and are very patient with children. The exhibition of their naturally high spirits in the ring should be considered favorably, whereas indications of shyness, nervousness, or aggressiveness toward dogs or people (other than in play) are unusual and unacceptable.

Sex Differences: Although the Pug Standard does not explore the differences in appearance between dogs and bitches, its should be well defined. Dogs should appear masculine and bitches feminine.

The male Pug is, on average, somewhat larger, with more bone and a larger, more bwrinkled head. Although bitches tend to be smaller than dogs, they should always be in proportion, neither weedy nor lacking in head. While breed characteristics are more pronounced in the male they should not be overdone or coarse. The bitch shows femininity without weakness or overrefinment. There is little difference in temperament between male and female.

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Grooming: The Pug is a natural dog. By this it is meant that very little exterior grooming is required to keep the Pug clean, neat, and in show condition. A bath, a nail clipping, a trim of the britches (if desired) and the Pug is ready for the ring. Removal of whiskers is optional. A Pug is shown in his natural state.