Pug Dog Club of America
Breed Health Survey

Thank you for your interest in the PDCA Breed Health Survey.

Everyone who owns or has owned a pug may fill out a health survey on your dog(s), living or deceased. The online survey was developed in conjunction with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and can be found at http://www.offa.org/surveys/survey_pug.html. You can also go to www.offa.org, click on surveys, scroll down to Pug dogs and go from there.

The purpose of the survey is to give us an idea of the current state of the health of our breed, to discover what Pug owners feel are the biggest health challenges of the breed and help us decide where our research dollars should be spent. The results are confidential and you cannot track an individual dog, but you can immediately view the summary of all completed surveys as they are tallied. For the survey to be the most meaningful, we need as many Pug owners as possible participating.

The survey is set up by first identifying what system of the body your dog has health issues with, which will later open up a window for more detailed information on what the health issues were. For instance, if your dog had eye issues, and you check that, a window will open asking to check if it was Pigmentary Keratopathy, corneal ulcers, dry eye, etc. If you are not sure what system the health issues falls under, your vet should be able to assist you. The survey goes quickly if you know the health information on the dog and we need accurate responses to make the survey useful. To aid you in your responses, clicking here will open a new window or browser tab, with the list of all the major health issues broken down into the separate systems. This allows you to connect the disease with the system you'll want to check when filling in the survey. By opening in a new window, the major health issues list can remain open for reference purposes while you take the survey.

The Pug Dog Club of America thanks you in advance for your participation on this very important project.