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PDCA Health Report Update

The P.D.C.A. is currently involved in several research projects. These projects are on-going, so there is only a small amount of information the researchers can make available for general publication. The majority of our projects are also supported by the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (CHF), but we are also giving financial support to a study of Mast Cell disease that is being funded in part by the Morris Animal Foundation. Pugs have a high incidence of Mast Cell Cancer but the majority of them have a low grade neoplasia that rarely metastasizes or causes death. The most recent information on the studies can be found under the link for "Current Research Studies."

The CHF asks breed clubs to submit areas of interest for future research. If there are other areas of interest to breeders and club members, please let me know.

Chris Dresser DVM