Selecting a new family member is important and this decision should receive thoughtful deliberation from the entire family. This should not be a "knee jerk" or impulse decision. This new companion, filled with energy, should be an addition to your home and family for likely more than a decade. Therefore, selecting a reputable source for your pug is of primary concern. Since it is almost impossible for you, as the buyer to know what any of the puppies will grow into, physically and emotionally, you need to rely upon the knowledge of the person from whom you are to purchase your pug. Do not be fearful to ask probing questions. A dedicated reputable breeder will reply positively and with pride.

At times it may be necessary to be placed on a Quality Breeder's Waiting List

A. Your breeder should belong to the Pug Dog Club of America and a local breed club if available. Ideally the breeder may belong to numerous clubs and organizations. Usually participation in dog clubs indicates depth of involvement. You should receive a copy of the Pug Dog Club of America Code of Ethics and Educational Guidelines.
B. Your breeder should be involved in some form of sanctioned competition. This means your breeder is not breeding in a vacuum. The breeder who does not exhibit may have no idea of the pug's qualities and is deprived of the opportunity to share information and ideas with peers. Exhibiting provides competition, which encourages breeders to produce better dogs. Even though you may not want a show dog, you deserve a pet that was the end result of a carefully planned litter.
C. Your breeder should give you a reasonable period of time to have your pug examined by a veterinarian to determine its state of health.
D. The breeder should give you written instructions on feeding, training, care and grooming. You should also receive the pug's health and immunization records.
E. A dedicated breeder wants to be consulted so as to ensure that problems are quickly resolved in order that proper care and socialization can be maintained. A breeder that offers you their services, knowledge and experience will be a great asset. Their assistance does not stop when you leave with the pug. Not only will they offer you their assistance for the life of the pug, but should you be unable or unwilling to keep the pug, they will take that pug back.
F. Be prepared to answer a battery of questions from the breeder who will be interested in finding quality homes for their puppies. Don't be offended if the breeder asks whether or not you have a fenced yard or what kind of dogs you have owned in the past and what may have happened to them. Some breeders may ask you to complete a small questionnaire.
G. Breeders should be willing to have you visit their premises and should be able to exhibit a clean environment, well socialized pugs and a dam with a good temperament. Puppies should seem happy and self-assured. Often the sire of the puppies is thousands of miles away. The particular dog selected in the breeding could have been chosen for his attributes to the breed or the particular traits found in the breeder's program.
H. Breeders should be willing to give you references ..names of people with whom they have placed pugs.
I. Breeders should provide a contract or some written, signed condition of sale. You should also receive a copy of your pug's three generation pedigree, American Kennel Club registration papers or transfer, when applicable.
J. Breeders will often require that your pet be spayed or neutered when it reaches the correct age and may withhold registration papers until proof is provided. Spayed or neutered dogs are far less prone to many serious maladies. Serious breeders spend a lot of time and effort planning breeding programs designed to improve the breed. They should carry out their programs with only the best quality available. Reputable breeders don't want their dogs used just to make puppies, or worse yet, end up in a "puppy mill" where they will be used to mass produce.

The Pug Dog Club of America does not warrant or guarantee any services provided by its members